Responsible Office: Faculty Senate

The Promotions Committee shall be responsible for:

1. All academic matters including grades, promotions, determining eligibility for supplementary exams, determining academic standings and determining eligibility for graduation.

2. Reviewing and developing policies related to: Promotions and graduation

Chair: This person will be selected by the Promotions Committee and will ordinarily serve for the duration of three years.

Scope: This Committee will have oversight of all student promotions related to academic matters in the institution which includes both basic sciences and clinicals.


The Committee includes full-time faculty and consists of a Chair and four members. One member will serve as Secretary.


For basic sciences promotion decisions- are held at the end of each semester, during the first week of each semester, and as needed during the semester. The Committee will provide agenda, date, place and time of the meeting.

For clinical core rotations promotion decisions – Are held every two months and as needed.


1. All grades at the end of every term in basic sciences and at the end of every core-rotations is

submitted by the Registrar to the Promotions Committee.

2. Promotions policy will be used to guide the decisions of the Committee.

3. Final decisions are submitted to the Registrar, Associate Dean and the Dean.

4. Minutes of meetings will be provided within two working days to the Dean and the Director of Quality Assurance and Accreditation.

Output: Authorization for Registrar to announce the grades to the students and faculty.