To be a doctor in USA hard work, determination and guidance are the necessary tools.
IMG Certification Program is delivered by the trained professors from Harvard Medical University and Saint George Medical University School of Medicine.
This institute will deliver USMLE Prep Program followed by Pre-Residency Prep known as Boot Camp and temporary Board Certification in USA

The mission of IMG Certification Program is to provide knowledge and skills to excel in USMLE Exams and guidance for Board Certification and Residency by using best developed resources and instructional methods by Experienced and Qualified Doctors.

This mission aligns with CUCOM to prepare is to prepare physicians to provide high quality care to patients and society with compassion, passion for knowledge, commitment, tolerance, utilizing cost-effective high-end technology and dedication to life-long learning.

Strategic organization and guidance for using the most hi-yield materials for all USMLE test topics
USMLE study plan and schedule individualized and adapted one on one experience
Focus on strengths and weaknesses of individual Medical Students and Graduates to direct through the USMLE Prep Program.
Integrated and comprehensive review of the most hi-yield and heavily tested USMLE Basic and Clinical science material.
Development/Refinement of Students Analytical and Clinical reasoning skills
Test-taking strategies specific to each USMLE Step (Step1, Step2-CK/CS) to build confidence and endurance
Critical review and assessment of NBME practice tests
Expert guidance and advice about the ideal time to schedule USMLE test date

Advantage of IMG Certification

Online & periodical face to face deliver by highly qualified Medical Educators

Besides the delivery of USMLE PREP, Boot Camp offers wide variety of academic qualifications which will enable and add value to the residency placements in USA,

One on one counseling by industry experts

Periodical preparatory seminars

Structured curriculum

Online/offline materials

Specially designed certification

Observership at Texas Hospital for 3 months to 1 year

Why IMG Certification

In these highly competitive environment Medical Students and Graduates needs not only proper preparatory tools but also need tremendous amount of guidance.

Our Instructors and Counselors come from established educational institutions and have in-depth experience and knowledge about the USMLE as well as Residency Prep Program.

USMLE Prep Program will bring the experience depth knowledge in terms of easy and user friendly face to face prep program.

Observership at US hospital in Texas allows the IMG to familiarize with the practice of medicine in US and increases the chances of getting into Residency