Welcome to Commonwealth University College of Medicine’s Lateral Entry & Fast Track MD Program. We are proud to offer a unique Lateral Entry and Accelerated Doctor of Medicine program designed for experienced professionals. This innovative program is a fantastic opportunity for individuals with a strong premedical background and working experience. If you’re looking to fast-track your journey to becoming a qualified physician, then this program might be just right for you.

Program Overview 

Our Lateral Entry and Fast Track MD Program is structured into three primary phases, each designed to provide a well-rounded medical education while accommodating your prior experiences and credits: 

  • Phase I: Gap Med 
  • Phase II: Preclinical 
  • Phase III: Introduction to Clinical Medicine 
  • Phase IV: Clinical Medicine 
Is This Program Right for You?

This course is ideally suited for you if you are:

  • Academically strong
  • Interested in the scientific basis of medical practice
  • Self-discipline to plan your studies to cover a large and intensive syllabus independently

If you match this description, you will undoubtedly benefit from CUCOM’s strong academic and clinical teaching. 

CUCOM: Admission Process


Admission Conselling

Starting admission with a sound counseling process, reaching out to the interested student, addressing any inquiries they may have, clarifying any information as needed, and receiving their filled-in application


Committe Process

The university’s admission committee carefully assesses and processes the submitted applications. Once they have effectively verified the academic documents, they instruct the Admission Coordinator to proceed with the admission process.


Offer letter

This letter is issued within 24 – 48 hours of submission of the application.


Registration Fees: $2000
Gap Med: $12000 per annum
Preclinical: $12000 per annum
Clinical: $10950 per semester
Working Professional Partial Scholarship:
Registration Fees: $ 2000
Gap Med: $ 6950 per annum
Preclinical: $ 6950 per annum
Clinical: $ 10000 per annum

In addition to above mentioned, malpractice will be included.

Once an applicant receives the conditional offer letter, they must review and sign it along with submitting the yearly tuition fees to register for the Fast Track BS-MD program.


Student Permit /Visa Process

To acquire a student visa/permit, students must furnish a signed copy of their final acceptance letter and all necessary visa documents. Additionally, they need to complete the visa application form and dispatch it, along with all required documents, via FedEx. Visa processing begins once tuition fees are received. After processing, students will receive their visas and can proceed to the campus.

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Visa Processing Period

8 – 10 working weeks


Check List of Documents for Visa Processing

Please courier the following documents’ copies for visa processing:

  • 2 recommendation letters
  • Copy of the transcript PC
  • Fees receipt
  • Personal Statement
  • Bank Statement
  • Signed Conditional Offer Letter
  • Copies of Transcripts
  • Copies of Police Clearance Certificate
  • Medical Certificate with vaccination records
  • 2 Colored passport size photos
  • Completed Visa Application Form
  • Travel Itinerary (not purchased ticket). Just an itinerary for visa application purposes

Program Map: Doctor of Medicine

Phase - l: 4 Semesters

Gap Med with Advance Human Biology & Introduction to Human Systems

Phase - ll: 5 Semesters

Pre clinical & Advanced Human Systems

Campus Based Program

*Transfers from WDMS bound med schools are allowed

Phase - lll: 2 Semesters

Introduction to Clinical Science

Campus Based Program

Phase - lV: 5 Semesters

Clinical Science

Teaching Hospital Based Program

  • For Phase I, advanced standing may be provided based on the previous degree.
  • Those who don’t have Phase I credits can earn the credits through an online program.
  • Phase II, III, and IV must be on campus or in the teaching hospital, and students must complete 5500 clock hours during these phases (Phase II to IV).

Curriculam Map: Preclinical - Advance Human Systems

Preclinical - Advanced Human Systems

Organ based system is divided into five semesters, each of 16 weeks duration.

During the first five semesters, students learn about various organ systems in the body in an integrated manner and also incorporating early clinical exposure from first semester.

We believe that the CUCOM’s basic science design will prepare its students to enter the clinical with a firm grounding in basic sciences, self- directed learning and life-long learning skills that will not only enhance their clinical learning but also be of added value to your clinical services.

There is a strong emphasis on the social and behavioral sciences, learning to deal with ethnically and culturally diverse populations, early clinical exposure and learning about evidence-based practice.



* Student visit & counseling available on advance appointments.