The leadership of CUCOM recognizes the importance of sports, leisure activities and social interactions toward the holistic development of a medical student and the future physician. We also recognize the fact that students are staying away from their home and traditional support systems and will require the institution to provide a supportive and nurturing environment. CUCOM also strongly supports the fact that the relationship between students and faculty and other administrative staff should support the growth and development of the future generation of students and enable them to become conscientious, ethical and skilled practitioners and patient advocates.



Accommodation and a meal plans are available at CUCOM. Housing options vary according to amenities and cost. Students can speak with the Admissions Office to decide upon a meal plan and housing that best suits their financial capabilities. 



The institution will also support students to obtain community housing. The Director of Admissions and other staff involved will screen community housing facilities available around the campus. Issues like security of premises, facilities available, support available will be considered while choosing the housing. The school will introduce the student to the house owner/agent and then these individuals can work out the contract details.



Students who choose CUCOM’s Student Dorm need to bring essential personal accessories (toiletries including towels, bed sheets, pillows, mosquito repellent, sunscreen (tropical climate). These and other items can also be purchased in Saint Lucia in our neighboring shopping malls and supermarkets which are within walking distance to the University’s campus and Student Dorm.