Contact Information For Students

Regular Doctor of Medicine [M.D.] Program:


Name: Dr. Ramachandra Thippaiah MBBS, MS, FMAS

All the general information on the program, student admin, program administration

Chief Financial Officer – Accountant

Name: Ms. Rupalakshmy Koripilli

Institutional Budgets, Oversee Human Resource System, Manage Student Loan Programs, Financial Aid & Counseling.

Dean of Admission

Name: Dr. Sanjay Dattatraya Bhalerao

Admission & Enrollment of Students, Agent Networks, On-Site Admission related community workshop programs.

Director of Admission

Name: Mr. Venkat Reddy Marreddi

Maintain Student Admission Database, Financial Assistance, Educational opportunities and options, Admission related policies and procedures.

Admission Coordinator

Name: Ms. Angella Bennett

Coordinating student admission and maintain admission student database.

Fast Track MD Program:


Name: Dr. Kanishk Cherry Chinra

Phone: +1 (202) 531-5612

Academics, ECFMG, PLAB, and faculty management.


Name: Mr. Samuel G Gebregiorgis

Phone: +1 (758) 712-0900

All the general information on the program, student admin, program administration, visa, student permit, and accounts.

Associate Registrar

Name: Dr. Sri Balaji
Phone: +1 (758) 487-0709


Associate Dean and Administration

Name: Dr. Selvaraj Ganapathy


Pre Medical, clinical co-ordination, and campus admin.

Registrar functions, class schedule, class attendance, clock hours monitoring, transcript, and external communication.

Note: Students should contact appropriate officials for specific request. For general query, please contact the program administrator, Mr. Samuel G., at

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