The aim of the Pre-Med Program is to provide students with a solid foundation to enter Medical Program and be successful in their chosen health care field in US.

The Pre-Med Science program is designed for applicants who have completed secondary school in the science stream and who require the relevant pre-requisites in science, mathematics and general education courses to gain entry into the Doctor of Medicine Degree Program. Upon successful completion of this program, students will be prepared to meet the entrance requirements of their chosen health care field.

This program is focused on students whose ambition is to become successful physicians. It comprises 4 semesters, where the students will be exposed to a variety of science subjects, along with an introduction to Medical Program.

The Premed program has two main orientations, as follows:

Students having Grade 10 or “O” level equivalent will have to go through 4 semesters of Premedical program

Students having Grade 10+2 or “A” level equivalent will have to go through 2 semesters of Premedical Program.


4 Semesters:
Csec/Grade 10 or equivalent /O level in the following subjects
English, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics with minimum of Grade 3.

2 Semesters:
Grade 10 +2 /A level in the following subjects

Mathematics, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics with a B average or 80%