Access Medicine

We have signed an agreement with McGraw Hill, the company which provides access to the online library, Access Medicine. Access Medicine provides access to books, updates, clinical cases, clinical guidelines, drug monographs, case files, study tools, multimedia, and the hospital corner.


We are in in the process of signing an agreement with Medtrics to use their platform for curriculum, learning, student and scheduling management among others. The software will help to significantly strengthen student elarning at CUCOM


We have signed an agreement with Lecturio to offer a learning system and resources for preparation for external standardized and licensing exams mapped to the integrated curriculum. Video lectures, formative assessment and early diagnostics to address areas of weakness are available.

Recorded lectures by CUCOM faculty

CUCOM will record faculty interactive lecture sessions and make them available for students to review. Attendance at lectures and other learning sessions will be mandatory.

Simulation resources

CUCOM is in the process of getting access to basic simulation resources like the SAM monitor, equipment for practicing venipuncture, fundoscopic examination, breast examination and pelvic examination initially and throughout the first year. As the course progresses newer resources will be made available.

Complete anatomy:

CUCOM has signed an agreement with 3D4 Medical to offer the complete anatomy platform to students. In addition to anatomy, resources related to pathophysiology, microanatomy and physiology are also available through the platform.

Virtual classrooms

CUCOM in association with online learning providers is planning to offer virtual courses to students.

IBM Watson courses

CUCOM is in discussion with IBM Watson to offer training sessions for faculty who will then offer training sessions on artificial intelligence for doctors to the students.

Anatomy cadavers and/or prosected models :

CUCOM will be using cadavers and/or prosected specimens and models for anatomy learning during the first year of medical school.

Free journals:

CUCOM recognizes that access to medical journals is important for staying up-to-date. Access Medicine updates provide short updates to the latest developments in various areas. There are a number of websites which provide free access to medical journals. Among these are:

The school is discussing subscribing to a few journals in medical education. Many medical education journals are however, available free on the internet.


MedEdPortal ( is a collection of free learning resources provided by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). A list of possible resources for students, faculty, joint sessions, and for standardized patients has been identified. This will be reviewed, customized and offered at the institution.