Responsible Office: Faculty senate

Chair: The chair will be initially appointed by the President’s Cabinet for a period of one year. Afterwards the Vicechair person of the Faculty Senate shall serve as the Chair. The Chair will serve for a term of three academic years.

Scope: All members of Faculty will be subject to the provisions of this Committee


Faculty Collegiality

To enhance the advancement of the University, the Faculty development committee will encourage collegiality among the faculty and positive interactions between the faculty and other University constituencies.

The committee will provide support to the faculty gatherings which will take place at the end of each semester. The Faculty development committee may also from time to time provide awards and recognition, sponsor enrichment and social activities and encourage participation in CUCOM and community events and other activities that will strengthen the CUCOM.

Faculty development sessions

The committee shall coordinate faculty development sessions in curriculum development, student learning and assessment both in person at the institution sites and online.

Faculty continuing education

The committee shall support and monitor continuing education activities of faculty members.