Responsible Office: Office of the Associate Dean Basic Sciences, Office of the Associate Dean, Clinical Sciences

Chair: The chair will initially be selected by the President’s cabinet. This person will hold office for a period of one year after admission of the first batch of students. Later the Chair will be selected among members of the committee.

The examination committee will report to the senate.

Scope: Conduct of all examinations at CUCOM.

Overview: The examination committee will oversee all examinations at CUCOM.

Purpose: The committee has the objective to ensure that all examinations are conducted in a smooth and professional manner. The committee will ensure objectivity and fairness of assessment. The committee will ensure along with the faculty senate and the proctors that unfair means and practices are not adopted during exams and will ensure confidentiality of all assessment instruments.

The committee will assist in setting up of the examination room and members of the committee can audit both written and practical examinations.

Meeting Schedule: The committee will meet every two months and as and when required.

Procedures: The committee will work as per the guidelines set out in the examination policy. The committee will work with the Office of the Registrar to ensure fair and unbiased selection of proctors.

For external standardized exams the committee will ensure that the standards of practice mentioned by these agencies are met.

Output: Smooth conduct of examinations.

Timely declaration of results

Upholding of academic standards

Membership: At least three members. One of the members will be a clinical faculty member.

Voting: Decisions will be made by consensus and the committee will follow the guidelines outlined in the policy on examinations.