Responsible Office: The Admissions Committee shall be responsible for the following:

1. Determining the admission of applicants to Washington Medical Science Institute

2. Arranging all meetings of the Admissions Committee

3. Providing minutes of the meetings and decisions to Dean, Associate Dean of Basic Sciences, Associate Dean of Clinical Sciences and Director of Quality Assurance and Accreditation

Chair: Will be initially appointed by the President’s Cabinet. Will ordinarily serve for a duration of three years.

Scope: This Committee will have oversight of all applicants to the institution.

Overview: The Admissions Committee is dedicated to ensuring fair and transparent student admission into CUCOM and has full responsibility for determining an applicant’s ability to meet the entry requirement for the relevant course.


1. To maintain standards of student admissions to the institution.

2. To make decisions regarding student admissions and re-admissions.

3. To recommend policies related to student admissions.

Meeting Schedule: The Committee should meet at the beginning and end of every semester and on a need-to-basis. All documents to be considered at such meetings must be circulated to members at least three working days before the meeting date.


1. Review all information provided in the applicant’s package to ensure that such information is in accordance with the requirements.

2. Require that additional information is given to the Committee when the information would meaningfully contribute to determining qualifications for entry and placement.

3. Arrange for online interview with the student

3. Notify Admissions Director in writing of its decision.

4. Prepare Minutes of the Meetings of the Admissions Committee which shall include the following:

a. Names of Attendees;

b. Actions that were taken;

c. Review of student applications;

d. The vote on each application including number of yeas, nays, and abstentions, if the members could not arrive at a consensus regarding a decision;

e. Request for modifications to the admission policy; and

f. A written summary of the discussion of controverted issues and their resolution.

Output: Authorization for the Director of Admissions to provisionally admit a candidate into WMSI and initiate the admission process.


a. At least four members

b. All four members for the first admission will be faculty

c. From second semester of the MD program, at least one member will be from the student body

d. At least one member should be a clinical sciences faculty member

Voting: A decision to admit a student must be granted by unanimous decision. When there is one or more dissenting member, the matter will be referred to the Associate Dean of Basic Sciences, Associate Dean of Clinical Sciences, the Dean and Director of Quality Assurance and Accreditation for advice. The Deans and Director of Quality Assurance and Accreditation, in collaboration with the Admissions Committee, will make the final decision.