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Scholarship for conflict zone students

Scholarship and discounted fee for students upto 80%

US based Clinicals

Clinical training in US hospitals

Free USMLE Program

Free USMLE programs for all registered students

Training next-gen doctors

4-Year US standard system wise integrated MD program with AI & Robotics

Integrated Research Oriented Program

Offered with foundation & advanced research courses during MD program


Clinical placements available in 4 to 5 different countries

International Community

Build your network with students across the world


Campus with Hostel, Cafeteria, and sports facilities


Avail paid internship right after graduation.

Commonwealth University College of Medicine

Commonwealth University College of Medicine (CUCOM) is a well-recognized medical university situated in the Caribbean Island, Saint Lucia. CUCOM offers system wise integrated MD program with AI, Robotics, and research that are well-aligned with its motto “Educating Tomorrow’s Doctors Today.” Currently, the University is accepting applications for admissions from new as well as transfer medical students from all over the world.

An opportunity to become a world-class doctor

CUCOM medical programs are recognized not only in United States of America, but all over the world. Thanks to our global accreditations, as a CUCOM-graduate, you get the opportunity to practice medicine in the USA, India, Canada and any other country of your choice.

*CAAM-HP Accreditation is under renewal process.

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