Student guide to find the best Caribbean medical school by Commonwealth University
Student guide to find the best Caribbean medical school by Commonwealth University
Student guide to find the best Caribbean medical school by Commonwealth University

Getting into medical school is not smooth sailing. Getting into a good med school is an achievement because of the struggle behind the doors. The acceptance letter is more than just a piece of paper, it is a moment that marks the beginning of your journey toward fulfilling your dream of becoming a doctor.  ‘The struggle is real!’ That is why we have prepared a guide for you that will help you in finding the best Caribbean Medical School and save you a lot of groundwork. 

The Caribbean Islands is a place where you will feel welcomed and also at home. It is one of the many reasons to choose a Caribbean medical school. But before we get further into the details, let us start with the first step to finding the best Caribbean medical school. Before finalizing a university, ask these questions and find out solid answers to them. 

Find the best Caribbean medical school: Questions to ask

Ask these questions, and you will be a lot more clear on what’s the best Caribbean medical school for you:

#1 How many graduates from that school actually matched into a residency program? 

A residency is an important stepping stone to becoming a doctor. While selecting a medical school for yourself, look at the numbers. Dig deeper and find out how many students are matched with a residency program. These numbers will give you an idea about the skills and the type of education that you will be provided by the medical school. 

Caribbean medical schools often do good in this department since the graduates can match with a residency both on the islands as well as in the US. There are plenty of opportunities. 

#2 How many students actually passed the exams?  

Getting into a good medical school is a huge achievement. However, graduating from it is equally important. So it is important to find out the attrition rate as well as the percentage of students who actually completed the program. Compare this rate with US’s graduation and attrition rate, and if the attrition rate is high, you can question it, and the answer will help you in shortlisting a medical school. 

#3 How is the learning environment? 

The idea of a learning environment is very subjective. However, the end goal must be to find an environment where you feel positive and motivated. Think about the aspects of an environment that will help you stay positive and keep those in mind while shortlisting for medical school. Undoubtedly every medical school is competitive however you should find out if the competition is healthy or not. Do not get yourself into anything that you might regret later. 

Caribbean medical schools pass with flying colors in this department since they try their best to bring a homely, positive, and motivating environment by providing constant guidance and support. 

#4 Is the program easy for your pockets? 

Yes, education is an investment. No second thoughts about that. However, it is still important to make sure that your medical school is feasible for you. Consider all the options which you can get financed from. Student loans and scholarships are a place to start however, always look for options where you don’t have to pay the money back. That is why scholarships are better thanstudent loans. 

The best Caribbean medical schools are not a burden on your pocket since they are 20-50% cheaper than US medical schools. 

After you have answers to all these questions, you will be easily able to narrow down your list of med schools. No matter what, the key is to stay confident when choosing a medical school. After all, it is about your career and dream. 

The next step is to find the best Caribbean medical school.

Best Caribbean medical school: things to look for 

You should ensure the following things while looking up the medical university that’s best for you: 

Accreditation, recognition, and approval 

This should be the first element in your checklist when you are searching for the best Caribbean medical school. Whichever university you select should be accredited and recognized. Make sure the university is listed in the World Directory of medical schools (WDOMS). WDOMS is one of the most authentic sources to find a recognized medical school around the globe. So it should be your go-to website during your best Caribbean medical school research.

Commonwealth University College of Medicine in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS)
Commonwealth University College of Medicine in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS).

WDOMS website is updated regularly and provides you with extensive information about each university. Also, you should look for accreditation from CAAM-HP to ensure you get a global degree from the medical university you go to.

Quality of education and faculty 

Quality of education and faculty – These two things go hand in hand. Quality education is determined by the efforts of faculty, and the lengths faculty is willing to go to for the education of the students. Best Caribbean medical schools usually have a US-based curriculum that is comprehensive and inclusive of all the skillsets and training. 

To teach such a difficult and extensive curriculum, a competent faculty is crucial. To become a good doctor, you need to get the right training in your medical school. You can know about faculty members on the website of the university and know about their records when it comes to guiding students and showcasing commitment toward teaching. 

Access to federal school loans and tuition payment policy 

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), 76%-89% of medical school graduates complete their degrees with an average of $203,062 of debt. These statistics are fresh from 2021, and a lot hasn’t changed ever since. However, the good news for you is that as a student of a well-accredited Caribbean medical school, you can apply for a federal student loan. These federal loans help you in managing your debt. 

These are the three most important factors that you should look for when choosing the best Caribbean medical schools. Along with it, make sure to keep track of Caribbean medical school requirements so you do not miss out on any opportunity. 

Commonwealth University College Of Medicine 

At Commonwealth University College of Medicine, we offer you everything you need to look for in the best Caribbean medical school. Our approach is to assist our students in gaining the right skill set and helping them to become great doctors. Our clinical rotations provide hands-on training to the students while our faculty ensures that the students acquire the right skills to become good doctors.

CUCOM Campus view from outside
Campus of Commonwealth University College of Medicine.

We have a US med school-based holistic curriculum that ensures that you do not miss any aspect necessary to become a doctor in the 5 years you’ll study at Commonwealth University College of Medicine. So waste no time and get into the best Caribbean medical school. For admissions, you can apply online.

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