Caribbean med school requirements - Medical student admission guide by Commonwealth University
Caribbean med school requirements - Medical student admission guide by Commonwealth University
Caribbean med school requirements – Medical student admission guide by Commonwealth University

Becoming a doctor is not a far-fetched dream, but not being able to land in an excellent medical school can make it appear unachievable. The competition is getting strenuous every minute now. Everyone wants to land in a good university and why not? Dreaming is the first step towards the ultimate destination. However, it is better to take the smart road and keep your options open. If under any circumstances, you are unable to land your dream school, at least you won’t waste an entire academic year if you would have applied at other places. Frankly speaking, a Caribbean med school is no less than a dream either. Your medical school application days would also be way less taxing if you will take Caribbean medical schools into consideration. 

Consider this example, John worked day and night to land in his dream medical school. Ever since he was a child, he dreamt of one day going there, and he has been working for it as well. But due to unforeseen circumstances, he couldn’t make it. However, his dream of becoming a doctor still did not take a backseat because he landed an equally good opportunity- a Caribbean med school. Well, that’s the story of thousands of students who are now getting world-class medical education in Caribbean med schools. You can also be like John! He took a calculated decision and did not let his ultimate goal be affected by a small setback. 

Why Caribbean med school? 

Other than scenic views, the affordable yet considerable standard of living, and the cherishable tropical climate, what else can you expect from a Caribbean med school? Brace yourself; the list is long!

Competitive and holistic curriculum 

Academic quality is one of the reasons you should join Caribbean med school. Even though the curriculum, quality, and environment may vary from school to school, overall, Caribbean med schools offer international-standard medical education. The curriculum is extensive, holistic, and as per the standard of the US med schools.

For instance, the MD program of Commonwealth University College of Medicine is focused on preparing the students for the residency from day one. They make sure that the students are competent and compassionate to take up the responsibility of a doctor. The curriculum makes sure that the right set of skills is learned by the students and ensures that there are no gaps in the education program. 

Rolling admissions 

Fret not if you missed your med school application deadline. Caribbean med schools got you covered. Many Caribbean med schools roll out their applications every year 2-3 times. So even if you have missed one opportunity, another is already on its way. 

Furthermore, Caribbean med schools are considerate and sympathetic towards the applicants. It might become a task for you to explain the gap of a year or two to a US med school, and you might not even be considered there, but you will not lose your seat in a Caribbean med school if you have a legitimate reason with you. 

Clinical rotations and residency 

You get many unique opportunities in Caribbean medical schools both on the island as well as abroad. In many med schools, initially, you might have to stay in the Caribbean only, but after that, you get the opportunity of clinical rotations in the US and other developed countries as well. So your experience would be nothing less than an American med school student. Rather you’ll have wider experience since you would have practiced on the island as well. 

Undoubtedly the Caribbean medical students get the best clinical training that is in sync with their overall curriculum. They get appropriate and enough practical experience along with support and guidance from the faculty. 

When it comes to residency, most students seek to go to the USA for the same. The residencies look at the quality of education of the students and also the individual efforts throughout the semesters. Caribbean medical schools give ample opportunities to you that will definitely make your resume outstanding. 

Caribbean med school cost 

The icing on the cake is that Caribbean medical schools often cost 20%-50% less than US medical schools. Medical education is not always a joy ride, especially when it comes to paying for tuition and clinical training. Caribbean med schools take the significant financial pressure off of your shoulders since their cost is substantially less than USA med schools. You can also apply for student loans and scholarships to pay for med school. All and all, the fee for one semester varies around $10,000 depending upon the college and clinical rotations as offered by the college. 

Caribbean med school requirements 

The Caribbean med school requirements can vary from school to school. For Instance, many Caribbean medical schools consider NEET for Indian students and the respective medical entrance test qualification from students of their respective countries. But some medical schools only accept the MCAT score. These requirements are, however, less demanding than those of US medical schools in many ways. 

The requirements are as follows: 

  • A qualifying MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) Score
  • Undergrad GPA (Qualifying) 
  • Letters of Recommendation 
  • Resume and Cover Letter 
  • Transcripts of grad and undergrad school
  • Be able to speak fluent English 

More or less these are the requirements of all the Caribbean med schools. The real difference between the Caribbean and US med schools shows in the required MCAT score and the GPA. Do not worry, along with these quantitative measures, the qualitative aspects are also considered. Your compassion and vigor cannot be measured, which accounts for a lot when you dream of becoming a doctor. 

Commonwealth University College Of Medicine 

Commonwealth University College of Medicine, Saint Lucia, West Indies, North America

At Commonwealth University College of Medicine, we evaluate an applicant just beyond their test results, and that is why MCAT is not a compulsion to get admission into the school. The students are evaluated on the basis of their overall performance, extra-curricular, their efforts towards community, English language proficiency, and individual persona. We look for an individual who will add value as a medical student. 

Admission requirements at Commonwealth University

  • MCAT (not necessary, however, given high regard during shortlisting) 
  • Minimum 90 credit hours of college courses
  • GPA of 2.5 and above for undergraduate performance  
  • Completion of a 4-semester program from a recognized university of Pre-med 

Along with this, the student will be interviewed by the faculty to do a complete evaluation of the applicant. So take the first step and start filling out your applications now

Become an exceptional doctor: Join Caribbean med school 

The level of academics and the skills needed to become a good doctor are all provided at the Caribbean med schools. With the best faculty, consistent support, reassurance, and continuous guidance, your dream of becoming a doctor seem more than achievable. To start, fill out the online application form today. For any queries, feel free to contact our student counseling team. We are always happy to help aspiring doctors like you.

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