CUCOM is dedicated to offer a 5-year B.S-M.D Dual Degree Program. The curriculum is based on the US medical education standards {ECFMG & NBME] in order to provide successful academic career to our students, as well as to keep to current licensure guidelines.

We will be commencing the term for the programs and returning to on-site campus teaching and offer remote study options to students with special circumstances.


  • First Phase: Traditional 1 Year Premed Program
  • 2 Semesters – Each of 6 Months Duration
  • Second Phase: Biomedical Sciences
  • 6 Semesters – 2 Year Program


  • After completing Program 1 with Bachelor’s degree student can choose to do the clinicals to complete MD program
  • Clinical rotations for 2 years in US affiliated hospitals
  • Students can decide on USMLE or NEXT exams or other Country’s licensing exams to register for medical practice.

What do I need to be eligible for the MD Program?

The following are prerequisites for entrance into the Doctor of Medicine program:

Total of 90 college credit hours of pre-medical courses are required for admission into the Doctor of Medicine program at CUCOM. Students may transfer credits which will be reviewed by our admission team.

* 1 semester of General and/or Inorganic Chemistry, with laboratory portion.
* 1 semester of Organic Chemistry, with laboratory portion to this class
* 2 semesters of Biology or Zoology
* 2 semesters of Physics
* 2 semesters of English* 2 semesters Mathematics Applicants who have not met the pre-requisite courses to enter the Doctor of Medicine Program will need to complete 4 semesters of the Pre-Medical Sciences Program. Those students would be eligible for the 5.5 year MD Program.Transfer CreditsWill be evaluated case by case by admission team and transfer in of credit are applicable to the above-mentioned courses and other equivalent ones. Students must have earned a grade “C” or higher.  For grades below “C” students may be given an assessment in those courses and must score 60% to obtain the credit.